Scort is closely co-operating with a variety of partner organisations to jointly overcome social challenges.


Sport for Protection

Since 2021, Scort has been leading the Sport for Refugees Coalition as a co-convener, together with UNHCR and the IOC Olympic Refuge Foundation, and contributes to its strategic and operational development. As a co-convener, Scort ensures the regular sharing, exchange and discussion of best practices and challenges in Sport for Protection projects among coalition members, with the aim of improving the psychosocial well-being and integration of people forced to flee to host communities.

In light of the upcoming UNHCR Global Refugee Forum 2023, Scort is contributing to the design and promotion of the Joint Pledge on Sport for Inclusion and Protection, ensuring a shared commitment among several stakeholders to empower people seeking protection through sport.

Click on the links below to discover more about the work of the Sport for Refugees Coalition and the Joint Sport Pledge for the 2023 Global Refugee Forum!

The Sport for Refugees Coalition

The Joint Sport Pledge for the 2023 Global Refugee Forum


Child Online Protection in Sports

Since the establishment of the strategic partnership in 2020, Scort and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) have been raising awareness among sports organisations about online risks and promoting safe digital media use. In 2022, recommendations were developed to support sports organisations in integrating online safety into their protection concepts and providing a safe space for children in sports.

Eager to learn more on the link between child online protection and sport? Find out more on the ITU website and read our recommendations using the links below.

COP in Sports (

Recommendations on Child Online Protection in Sports

Strategic Partners

All partners and friends of the Football Club Social Alliance are united by the goal of using their social commitment to foster positive change. The long-term co-operation with our strategic partners is an important component to our success. We much appreciate the collaboration of all partnerships and hope to keep achieving great things together in the future.