During the current pandemic, communities around the world are faced with a variety of challenges, with varying forms of social distancing measures. For most Young Coaches, activities with children have been suspended and staying in touch with them is not always easy: lack of access to internet and/or mobile phones, limited interest or a lack of ideas are just some of the challenges.

Despite facing challenges, during this time of crisis it is of utmost importance for children to have a role model and someone that shows interest in their lives! It is thus important that you try to reach out – if possible and while adhering to the local measures – and show the children that they can count on you.

If internet access is available:
Create and send them videos and/or links for activities (exercise ideas available here)
Create group chats (e.g. on WhatsApp) to continue engaging the team
Create challenges to keep them engaged

If no internet access is available:
Try calling the children or their parents to simply reach out and check in
Print out material that you can drop off at their house (if measures allow you to leave the house – exercise ideas available here)

For online safeguarding guidelines click here.

Strategic Partners

All partners and friends of the Football Club Social Alliance are united by the goal of using their social commitment to foster positive change. The long-term co-operation with our strategic partners is an important component to our success. We much appreciate the collaboration of all partnerships and hope to keep achieving great things together in the future.