Our Young Coach Education Programme on Java and Sulawesi (August 2014 – May 2015) trained 34 Young Coaches in three modules of one week each. The project’s main social focus was on water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH), health & nutrition and women’s rights. In 2019, the FCSA and Scort returned to Indonesia to deliver a follow-up education in Lembang, West Java.


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Indonesia’s population exceeds 250 million, making it the fourth largest country in the world and the largest Islamic country.

Besides our usual training modules, we focussed especially on participants from urban (slum) areas as well as from remote areas of Indonesia’s 34 provinces. The first module was held in Jakarta, the country’s economic, social and political capital. In addition, with more than 10 million people living there it is the largest city in Southeast Asia. Jakarta experiences massive urban growth leading to environmental, social, economic and demographic problems – this also affects the life of youth and young adults.

Since some participants came from rather remote areas of the country (six-hour flight from Jakarta), the second module was held in Sulawesi. This allowed the instructors to address topics that were relevant for Young Coaches from rural regions working in communities on one of the 17,000 islands.

The Young Coaches were selected by Indonesian organisations working in the field of social work or education (NGOs, clubs, schools, etc.). Our main local partner organisation, ASA Foundation as well as Rumah Cemara and Uni Papua focussed mainly on young woman and men from areas where football was not yet used in social work. Next to experts from FCSA member clubs, local organisations contributed to the education of the Young Coaches. These sessions focussed on regionally relevant social topics e.g. water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), health and nutrition, women’s rights, financial literacy and business start-up, school dropouts, inclusion.

An evaluation of the programme in Indonesia revealed that the 34 Young Coaches passed on the education to 284 peers. Their outstanding social work sustainably benefits some 13,000 children.

Furthermore, in November and December 2015, the Young Coaches (supported by Rumah Cemara) organised a follow-up initiative and conveyed the social and football-related contents of the education to 60 peer Young Coaches on West and East Java as well as on Papua.

In 2019, the FCSA and Scort travelled back to Indonesia to conduct a follow-up project, in collaboration with our local partner Rumah Cemara. This one-week programme acted as a refresher course for a selection of Young Coaches and some of their Peer Young Coaches. In total, 36 participants took part in the training to update and complement their knowledge on grassroots football including disability football as well as different social topics.

The follow-up also provided the coaches with the opportunity to meet and share ideas and strengthen their network of coaches across multiple Indonesian islands. The Young Coaches’ strong ability to pass on their knowledge from the initial training to their Peer Young Coaches has contributed to a 51% increase in benefiting children.


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