For the first time, the FCSA trained “Young Coaches” in Jordan. During the pilot project (September – December 2016), instructors of the FCSA trained 36 women and men in the refugee camp Azraq. The Young Coaches learned how to use play for trauma relief and psycho-social support.

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Despite its difficult geographical position in a crisis-torn region, Jordan has for many decades pursued an open door policy to refugees. However, at present it is facing major social and infrastructural challenges owing to the influx of refugees from neighbouring Syria. Over 10% of the Jordanian population are Syrian refugees. Half of them are children and young adults. Many suffer psychosocial trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Young Coach Education Programme was implemented in the Azraq Refugee Camp. Young women and men were educated to create safe, structured and friendly environments for children to play with the goal to enhance resilience and facilitate emotional and social stabilisation.

The first project was successfully carried out in September and November 2016 in Azraq refugee camp with 36 male and female Syrian Young Coaches.

Today, the Young Coaches activities provide children with a fun environment, and most importantly, offers them the social and emotional support they require. Equally, the programme has raised the self-esteem of our Young Coaches, giving them an increased drive to contribute towards the positive social work that is taking place in the camp.


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