The Coaching Education and Football Exchange Programme in Northern Ireland (March – December 2015) focused on exchanging professional knowledge and supporting the football development of the Irish Football Association (IFA). Five modules of two to three days each were held in Belfast and Derry/Londonderry.


Our gallery gives you the opportunity to browse through a selection of pictures of our exchange in Northern Ireland.


The Northern Ireland project was initiated to foster the partnership between the Irish Football Association (IFA) and the Football Club Social Alliance (FCSA).

The co-operation started in spring 2015 and aimed to exchange knowledge and best practice in order to support IFA’s programmes in Football For All. In addition, it helped to create and consolidate a networking process among the football clubs of FCSA, IFA and local organisations.

The Coaching Education Programme in Northern Ireland was divided into four modules of two to three days. with each module covering a different topic (see below). The programme brought together participants from different parts of Northern Ireland with various professional, social and cultural backgrounds who took part in the interactive theoretical and practical sessions.

Module 1 (March 2015): Disability Football
Module 2 (June 2015): Working with Youths at Risk
Module 3 (September 2015): Women’s and Girls’ Football
Module 4 (October 2015): Club and Volunteer Development
Final Visit (December 2015): IFA’s Annual Football Development Conference