Adriana organises sport activities in Esmeraldas, a city that has evolved as one of Ecuador’s key drug trafficking hubs and thus experienced a considerably worsening security situation over the past years. Her primary goal is to establish a secure environment for children through sport and to provide them with a sense of belonging. With this objective, she aspires to be a coach who serves as a role model and mentor for the children.


Adriana is currently working as a coach for FUDELA in Esmeraldas, a coastal city in Ecuador that is heavily impacted by organised crime. She is dedicated to make a positive impact on the children through sports activities and to provide them with a safe space to play.



Project: Young Coach Education in Ecuador (November 2023 – March 2024)


Parent Organization: Fudela


Born: 2003


Nationality: Ecuadorian

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“I am Adriana from Ecuador. My childhood was quite normal, I often played with my nephews in the backyard of our house. I have a passion for football and basketball but unfortunately, I experienced an injury that prevented me from continuing doing sports.

As I grew up, things changed significantly in my community. For the past years, we have been facing more and more security challenges, especially with criminal groups and armed robberies. Once, during an activity with the children, a group with guns appeared. Fortunately, nobody was injured but the fear struck us deeply.

Living in a place marked by insecurity and violence, I see sport as an opportunity to make a positive impact. Engaging children in sports activities provides them with a safe space to play and meet friends. My aspiration is to be a coach and a teacher for these children, who can serve them as a role model and mentor.

The children love participating in my activities, however, once a child asked me if I can do new activities and new methodologies, because they are tired of doing the same games. When I heard about the Young Coach Education, I remembered those words of the child and immediately wanted to participate. I am very excited that I can now go back to my community and share all the new exercises that I have learned in this programme. The children are already calling me and asking ‘Please come back and please make some activities’. Being able to provide the children with a new experience now,  is my greatest motivation.”


Young Coaches

Our Young Coaches are community leaders and role models in less privileged societies. They commit themselves to support the children of their communities by conveying important social topics (conflict resolution, inclusion, HIV prevention, etc.) through football. Each of the Young Coaches represents a unique personal story.