Eulises has always worked in sports: he studied professional training and specialized in athletics, focusing on athletes’ performances. He now works at RET International, a humanitarian organisation which protects vulnerable young people through education. His task is to manage all sports activities of RET in Tapachula.


Eulises is working with refugee and migrant children on a daily basis. In his opinion the biggest challenge for them is the integration with the local people. There exists a lot of discrimination and xenophobia, but sport can be used as a tool to manage these conflicts. Eulises also owns a football school, where he now wants to create a programme for the coaches so he can share the knowledge he gained through the Young Coach Education.


Project: Mexico, May 2019 – ongoing

Parent Organization: Refugee Education Trust (RET International)

Born: 1983

Nationality: Mexico

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“I grew up with my parents in Tapachula, a town close to the Guatemalan border. When I was young, I was not interested in football. But when I was 12 years old, I started playing and since that moment I developed a strong passion for sports and all activities which relate to exercising. After studying professional training in sports, I focused on football and some similar sports. Football is my comfort zone and the other areas are the ones where I can work on and improve myself.

I plan to implement all the activities and exercises I have learnt in the Young Coach Education in my football school as well as in my job as manager of all sports activities from RET International in Tapachula. One of my goals is to allow the children to use their own imagination and creativity to create something different on the field. I would love for this education to go on and on, and that there would follow regularly some modules to get better and better. Us Young Coaches want to create a platform where we can share our knowledge and continuously grow as a group.

The sessions I liked the most during the education was the work in the field. My passion is to be a leader on the pitch and today, being head coach and organising the fun match, I got the opportunity to lead, to give the instructions and to coordinate everything. That was an amazing experience and showed me that I am on the right path.

I like to be a Young Coach because I always meet new people and additionally the people appreciate what I am doing and that makes me proud. Due to the trust I get from the children and their parents I am inspired and want to improve my programme and even want to offer more sessions.

I also really enjoy working with children. After this training programme, I felt a change in my work at home, namely that I am now a part of the team, not just their trainer. That was a beautiful experience and I will keep on going with organizing sports activities for children. To fight the discrimination and other conflicts, which the children face everyday. Sport can be such a useful tool for this.”


Young Coaches

Our Young Coaches are community leaders and role models in less privileged societies. They commit themselves to support the children of their communities by conveying important social topics (conflict resolution, inclusion, HIV prevention, etc.) through football. Each of the Young Coaches represents a unique personal story.