Thomas and Finja, a dynamic duo from SV Eichede in Germany share the passion for football and desire to make a difference. This led them to participate in the Tandem Young Coach Education program. As a young coach, Finja wants to improve her coaching skills, while Thomas, an enthusiastic coach of the disability team, sought to expand his knowledge. Together, they form a strong bond and are eager to implement their learnings in training sessions and tournaments.


Finja and Thomas first met almost a decade ago at the football club SV Eichede in northern Germany. Thomas serves as coach of the disability team, while Finja not only showcases her passion as a dedicated player in Thomas’ team but also aspires to become a coach herself. During the Tandem Young Coach Education, Thomas and Finjas cooperation proved to be a perfect fit: they possess a mutual understanding and complement each other’s strengths. This will enable them to serve as coaching partners within their disability team.

The Tandem Education was established to promote equal opportunities for youth and young adults with a disability to move into football coaching. During the education programme one participant with a disability (Young Coach) links up with one participant without a disability (Tandem Partner) to form a ‘Tandem’.



Project: Central Europe, May 2023


Parent Organisation: DFB-Stiftung Sepp Herberger / DFL Stiftung

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Thomas (Tandem Partner): Finja and I are both from SV Eichede in Schleswig-Holstein, situated between Lübeck and Hamburg. Despite being a small football club located in the heart of our village, we are proud to have a team for people with disabilities. This team consists of over 40 members, and during our training sessions, we consistently see the participation of around 25 to 30 enthusiastic young people and adults.

Finja (Young Coach): I play football and would like to become a coach in the future. Overall, I want to learn more about coaching and what it means to be a coach. During the Tandem Young Coach Education, I found it really cool to learn how to plan a training session and prepare it on paper.

Thomas: I didn’t attend any coaching training so far. That’s why the Tandem Young Coach Education was a perfect opportunity for me to gain more experience and learn things that can be applied in training sessions. I really liked the implementation of the training session after Finja and I have planned it in theory.

Finja: It was exciting to lead training sessions and even more exciting to do this with new children. It is fun when you do it in a tandem because you can exchange ideas or divide tasks.

Thomas: We know each other quite well and both know our strengths and weaknesses. This is also why our cooperation fits so perfectly: we complement each other very well. The intense cooperation during the Tandem Young Coach Education has enabled us to grow our bond even stronger and to combine our coaching skills.

Finja: I can only agree with that.

Thomas: We will systematically implement what we have learned during the Tandem Young Coach Education in our training sessions at SV Eichede. And, of course, Finja will take over more responsibility. During tournaments, for example, she can now take over her own team as a coach.


Young Coaches

Our Young Coaches are community leaders and role models in less privileged societies. They commit themselves to support the children of their communities by conveying important social topics (conflict resolution, inclusion, HIV prevention, etc.) through football. Each of the Young Coaches represents a unique personal story.