Due to the war in Syria, Hanaa’ and her family were forced to leave their home in 2014. She had been a Kindergarten teacher in Syria, and now, having completed our Young Coach Education Programme, uses football to support the personal development of children in the Azraq Refugee Camp.


Hanaa’ was nominated for the Young Coach Education Programme by World Vision, our main local partner in Jordan. The education programme has inspired her to use football as a positive distraction in the lives of conflict-affected children. Her football activities have given children a safe environment to grow as individuals, and most importantly, be children once again.


Project: Jordan, September 2016 – November 2016

Parent Organisation: World Vision

Born: 1978

Nationality: Syria

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“I come from Daraa, a city in the South of Syria. I have been here in the camp since it opened over two and a half years ago. I came here with my husband and my four children, two of which are boys. Even back in Daraa they loved to play football, and here in the camp playing football and taking part in tournaments is one of the most important things for them.

I am a Kindergarten teacher and here at the camp I got a job at the pitch. When I heard about this programme, I knew I had to take part, for my boys. It is tough here in the camp, and the children don’t have much perspective, their future is unclear. Activities are especially important for them, as they help the kids grow mentally, and support their personal development. I like to see how happy the kids are when playing football, and how much they enjoy it.

Also, this programme makes my days more interesting, it gives me a purpose and a chance to get together with other people. It has been a lot of fun, planning, playing and conducting activities together. We do not have these type of activities back in Syria. Back home, tradition is strong and there are lots of customs and social norms that won’t allow something like this. For me, this is something new, something very exciting.

We are very happy that you guys came to us. We spent beautiful days here. We hope that we are able to live up to your expectations, and are able to coach and teach kids about football. We have learned a lot from you. Thank you so much.”


Young Coaches

Our Young Coaches are community leaders and role models in less privileged societies. They commit themselves to support the children of their communities by conveying important social topics (conflict resolution, inclusion, HIV prevention, etc.) through football. Each of the Young Coaches represents a unique personal story.