Kateryna is 27 years old and originally from Lviv. She has always had an immense passion for football. From the beginning of the war in Ukraine and from contact with so many children fleeing from other cities, she has learned how important the value of life is and how helpful football can be in overcoming trauma.


Kateryna’s enthusiasm for football led her to turn her passion into her profession. As a coach at FC New Lviv, she trains children from 3 to 13 years old. Her role includes organising football camps and festivals in the Carpathian Mountains, just outside her hometown of Lviv. Additionally, her future professional plan is to guarantee the accessibility of grassroot and professional football to persons with disabilities.



Project: Young Coach Education Ukraine Response 2023, 04/2023 – 07/2023


Parent Organization: UNHCR


Born: 1995


Nationality: Ukrainian

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“My name is Kateryna, I am 27 years old and I am from Lviv. I’ve always had a passion for football, and now I work as a Coach at FC New Lviv, providing opportunities for children aged 3 to 13 to train and attend football camps and festivals. Since the beginning of the war, I started working with many more children from many different cities in Ukraine coming to Lviv. We help them adapt through the trainings and develop physically. Because of the war, I learned how important it is the value of life. We are in contact with people with many trauma and we must be more unite and help each other through our specialities.  They like football, they like sports, and as their coach, we have to create comfortable conditions for them.

During the Young Coach Education Programme, I learned the values that can be conveyed to children through football and the importance of communication. I also learned how to ensure inclusive and accessible football activities for children with different abilities. In fact, working with children with disabilities was a first for me. Now I have the experience and see how it is possible to implement my activities and create comfortable situations for everybody to attend my training sessions.

After the end of the programme, I want to start training new groups, including children with disabilities. I will start with grassroot initiatives, guaranteeing that football is accessible to everyone, but maybe in the future we should think on how to develop a professional football team as the Amputee Football Team of the Legia Warszawa we had the chance to meet during the Programme. In fact, I do believe that football is for everyone, regardless of whether a person with is or without disabilities.”

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