Marvin and Björn are another success story of the Tandem Education. They are both involved with the disability football team of Bayer 04 Leverkusen and take part in training sessions every Friday. They participated in the 2016 edition of the Tandem Young Coach Education in Bremen and the Special Youth Camp in Basel.


The Tandem Education was established to promote equal opportunities for youth and young adults with a disability to move into football coaching. During the education programme one participant with a disability (Young Coach) will link up with one participant without a disability (Tandem Partner) to form a ‘Tandem’.

Marvin and Björn participated in the 2016 edition of the FCSA Tandem Education in Bremen and the Special Youth Camp in Basel. Take a moment to read their story and discover more about their journey into football coaching.


Project: Central Europe, April – August 2016

Club: Bayer 04 Leverkusen

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MARVIN (Young Coach): “I took part in the Special Youth Camp three times before I became a Young Coach. I got really excited every time my trainer asked me if I wanted to attend the camp, as I always had a lot of fun. Here I could play with other boys and girls, and make new friends.

BJÖRN (Tandem Partner): I’ve been doing sports since I can remember, but being on the coaching side is completely different. You don’t know the other perspective, and I had to learn a lot.

MARVIN: I have never trained a team before. I wanted to be a trainer too, not just a player. A few years ago, I asked my coach if I could also join the education programme, but he said I was too young. I was really proud when he came and asked me if I wanted to take part in the education this year.

BJÖRN: I liked that during the programme you meet so many people who like the same things. We work in similar professions and love football, and the combination is amazing. Here, we can all meet once a year, which is great.

MARVIN: I love to see the kids when they are happy. When I run a training session and the children smile, I know they really liked it. This also makes me happy.

BJÖRN: I will continue to help with the trainings every Friday, and keep an eye on Marvin. If he needs my support, I will be there. We really grew together as a team. We knew each other before but this was very different – we made an exciting journey together.

MARVIN: I will also continue as a Young Coach, and run the trainings every Friday. If the other Young Coaches, who have done the education before me are there, I will assist them. And if they are not there, I will run the trainings by myself. I’m already looking forward to it. I will continue as a football coach.

BJÖRN: Seeing Marvin’s progress was great. This Young Coach Education Programme has shown me what he can achieve, if he really wants to.

MARVIN: I am proud I was able to manage all this, and I’m extremely proud of being a Young Coach. I always thought I couldn’t do it. But now I know I can.”

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Our Young Coaches are community leaders and role models in less privileged societies. They commit themselves to support the children of their communities by conveying important social topics (conflict resolution, inclusion, HIV prevention, etc.) through football. Each of the Young Coaches represents a unique personal story.